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2007-2008 David
Alan Chocolatier
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Sales Tax
Please add sales tax for delivers to the following states:
Illinois  1%
Indiana  6%   (on the total order including shipping charges)
Minnesota  6.5%
Wisconsin  5%   (on the total order including shipping charges)

Packing & Shipping Charges
Per U.S. Address

For orders over $200.01 shipping costs are based on wieghts
with a minimum charge of $13.95

We ship world wide, call for rates.

Next Day Delivery
Your gift can be rushed via UPS, FedEx, or Express Mail. Call
us for rates

To Order by Phone
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express
Call 1-800-428-2310, in Lebanon, Indiana 765-482-7273

To Order by Mail or Fax
Please print a legible contact name & phone number for all
orders, and include a printed name on each page of the fax.
David Alan Chocolatier cannot be responsible for orders with
missing information. Do not send orders twice.
Mail competed form with check or credit card information to:

David Alan Chocolatier
PO Box 588
Lebanon, Indiana 46052-0588

Important Instructions for Fax and Mail orders.
Allow 48 hours for conformation of orders. Send additions as a
separate order. David Alan Chocolatier is not responsible for
duplicate orders if sent twice.

To Order Online
Go to the online catalogue. A 5% discount is given for all
orders received from the online catalogue.
This offer is not available by telephone, mail or fax.

Method of Delivery
To insure timely arrival of your orders, most of our shipments
are sent to arrive within 6 business days. We do not refund
shipping charges for returned packages.

Customer Service
For questions about delivery dates or availability of
chocolates, call 1-800-428-2310.
Monday – Friday,
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDST (same as New York, all the time)

Corporate & Business Gift Program
Volume discount per order.

Address Corrections
All address corrections will be charged to your account at
$5.00 per address.

Privacy Policy
Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses are
not sold or rented to any outside parties. Your names and
information are only used to process your order.